With 7.6 billion people on the planet, the perspective of one aging woman may not be worth a hill of beans, but it’s my perspective and I have only one voice to share it. This is it. I make no claim of being correct, but I have a firm belief that in order for us to truly understand our world we have to see it through a variety of perspectives. So, with that in mind I offer this blog to any who chance to visit. It is my view, from here.

I hope you read my posts and comment. I am not afraid of a contrary opinion. In fact, if your truth contradicts my truth, then it just means that you are seeing things from a different perspective. It gives us a possibility to discover an absolute truth that probably exists somewhere between different relative truths.

Whether you comment or not, I hope you come back and share my posts if only to start conversations of your own. The topics I come to here are important to me because I think they are important to the world. I don’t care about bringing attention to myself, but I would like to think that together we can make a positive difference in the world for ourselves and those that will be here in our future.