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Brett Kavanaugh

I recently had a Facebook exchange with a friend and her friend about our differing views of Brett Kavanaugh’s present predicament. They believed Judge Kavanaugh’s situation was a spectacle of the Dem’s making. I believe it is not bipartisan, but the outcry of a traumatized woman still dealing with her pain caused by an event more than three decades ago that she states was committed by Brett, and the truth must be examined by independent investigation before the hearings proceed.

In that exchange I was (among other things) accused of not being adequately informed, and that Brett did not lie. I am willing to recheck my information, so I went back “to the well” to find a variety of sources on the topic of Brett and his truthfulness. I write this post to share with you information I found that I believe are credible sources, so you may join me in learning more about Brett and his honesty.

First, I started with his Wikipedia page. While it has to be read with the understanding that it is subject to inaccuracies and not all contributors are diligent in their objectivity. Still, it is a good starting point: Brett Kavanaugh’s Wikipedia page

After the Wikipedia page, I went back to Google and search for his previous confirmation hearing. I found its transcript (59 pages copied to my Word doc), less the .gif objects. You can read it for yourself at this link: S. Hrg. 109-435 The first ten pages are of the Senators’ comments about Mr. Kavanaugh’s fitness. Brett himself addresses the hearing following those. He runs down through his bio for two pages, more or less, and then the actual questions run back and forth.

In Senator Schumer’s opening comments he discusses his concerns regarding Kavanaugh’s experience — or lack of it: “First, although Mr. Kavanaugh has held several important and influential positions in Government, they have been almost exclusively political. There is no doubt that, Mr. Kavanaugh, you are a highly successful young attorney and your academic credentials, as certainly outlined by the Chairman, are top notch. But your experience has been most notable, not so much for your blue chip credentials, but for the undeniably political nature of so many of your assignments. For much of your career your considerable talents have been enlisted in partisan and polarizing issues.”

Later, during Senator Schumer’s questioning, Mr. Kavanaugh seems to be playing a great deal of “cat and mouse” dodges rather than just straight answers to honest questions. I have not done an in-depth reading of the transcript, but my “knee jerk reaction” from what I have read is that he’s “too cute by half.” That is my opinion and once you read the transcript fully you may find him completely fit for lifetime service.

So about the truth of his answers in general — I went back to Google and searched the terms “did brett kavanaugh lie.” While there were pages and pages of results, I intentionally picked those that seemed to be from presently accepted reliable sources*:

*Some of you may question these sources, but I present them here because they report information from those I believe would be reliable sources, namely past or present Senators. Of course you may have different articles from different sources, but I am not here to sell you anything — only to show info that I have found in my searches.

Next, given his current nomination for the Supreme Court, I went to the SCOTUS blog page: Introduction: A close look at Judge Brett Kavanaugh This seems to be the most comprehensive reporting of facts I came across. The blog also has a page of links covering Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination: Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court (I bookmarked this one to refer back, for future updates.)

I intentionally skirted the present #MeToo controversy because I think while its outcome will provide an important view into Judge Kavanaugh’s fitness for a lifelong appointment to SCOTUS, it is being mishandled by both political parties. Christine Blasey Ford seems to be viewed much like the football in the Superbowl, rather than a woman deserving to be heard by both sides objectively. If her reports are proven true by an independent investigation like — say the FBI (something they do do, contrary to the assertions of some), then that character flaw in this candidate must be scrutinized more fully. It IS my opinion that if Brett Kavanaugh was as innocent as he protests, it would be him that would call for an independent investigation, rather than closeting himself in the Whitehouse with a President who is a self-sworn “pussy grabber.”

Until we see the results of an objective investigation, I believe his confirmation hearing should be delayed.

So, these are the findings of a few hours search and reading into the published info of Brett Kavanaugh. I invite you to look them over and come back to share your thoughts, findings, and sources. Together we may find the truth between us.

It's All Political, Take a direction and follow it.

Rebuilding our Democracy

I’m tired. I am tired of Brett Kavanaugh. I am tired of Republicans’ systematic attack on our democracy since the 60s. I am tired of people that think it’s okay for only some of us to enjoy our Constitutional Rights but not others. I am tired of people that wave flags and support the oppression of people of color, women, and the poor. Further, I am tired of the spineless, weak-kneed Democratic Party that does nothing to stand up for ALL of us.
I am especially tired of people that think governments are in place to make money. They are not profit centers. Governments are in place to facilitate the Constitutional Rights and their accompanying Bill of Rights. They are meant to protect the Public Resources in trust to them so future generations may enjoy their fruits. They are responsible for providing those services across the States that the States cannot provide individually. They are there to ENFORCE our laws and regulations. Profits are not in their purview.
Personally I would not care in the least if we ALL worked for the Government in some capacity. I worked in companies from the Forbes five to less than twenty employees for more than thirty years — primarily in manufacturing, and I can tell you Corporations are NOT people. They don’t care about people. They care about profits — period.
Why do we all know that the Republican party practices voter suppression and we allow it by continuing to support them?
Why is our present Congress only 20% women (23% in the House, 19% in the Senate)? Why are there only three women on the Supreme Court? Only one black and one Hispanic?
Unlike the White Supremacists and the misogynists, I happen to think that ALL Americans bring unique gifts, talents, and perspectives to our democracy and we NEED their participation in our government to make our world better for all. I have no interest in seeing a white male-dominated ruling class make decisions for me and my loved ones, despite the fact that I am white.
Together we all achieve more. Divided we destroy what makes life good.
So, Democrats — grow a spine and if you have to wear knee braces — put them on. Go to the polls in November and vote in the people that will stand up for America in its entirety. Don’t let your vote be discounted by voting for some half-baked candidate with stupid ideas — vote for someone that has a clearly defined and developed platform to actually execute the job. Look for experience in public service.
Republicans: ask yourselves how much your Party has actually done for YOU? Quit getting caught up in the little tricks they play on your head. Practice your morals and stop trying to impose your religion on others. They have their own beliefs. Realize that pushing someone else down or away to get to the head of the line causes you greater harm in the long run. Play in the sandbox with the people you live with — ALL of them. Until your party supports the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, vote Democrat. Then start finding candidates that will work for everyone, not just their ideas of the chosen few.
Rant over.
Blogs, Videos, Articles that I LOVE

Watch “Waking Up with Sam Harris #131 – Dictators and Other Imponderables (with Masha Gessen)” on YouTube

This is my first introduction to Masha, but I will be hearing or reading more from her. Thanks to Sam Harris, whom I do listen to frequently, for yet another thoughtful, informed, and reasoned approach to topics salient to today’s world.

As I listen, it occurs to me that at the root of so many of our problems is that the human race has yet to come to grip the concept of equal rights. That may well be a future topic for a blog post.

A Bit About Me

Me, too.

A few weeks ago an acquaintance texted to ask me if I could spend a day with her after her radical mastectomy. I was hesitant. I don’t know her that well, I am not a health care provider, and even though I am only in my early 60s, I’m not capable of any heavy lifting. Still, I felt funny about declining. I figured I could just be there to assist with getting her meals, answering the door to visitors — that sort of thing.

And that’s pretty much how it went, until she got up from her nap and decided to show me her tits.

I’m not a prude, but had she asked if I wanted to see her chest I would’ve declined. I didn’t have that opportunity. One minute we are sitting on opposite sides of her coffee table having a chat and the next she’s pulling up her top and presenting herself: flacid, empty tits; sutures; dressed wounds, and drainage apparatus. I was appalled and revolted, and speechless.

Had it been just the one time, perhaps I could excuse it, but I was scheduled to stay there with her until the late afternoon, and she did it two or three more times. I don’t know what she was thinking, but I was thinking the time could not go by quickly enough. At the end of the day I just wanted to go home and shower. I felt violated.

Me, Too isn’t just about sexual acts; it’s a violation of trust. What she did in exposing herself to me without invitation was no different than if a man exposed himself. The result is the same. I felt victimized and traumatized.

Before I left, she told me that the reconstruction surgery would be even worse. I wish her well, but I won’t know how that turns out. I’ve seen all I never wanted to see of that woman and I don’t care to ever see her again.

It's All Political, Take a direction and follow it.

Let’s Put the Heart Back into the GOP

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Dad was a Republican. From him I learned the merits of constancy, compassion, humor, and business savvy. As I also mentioned, I do not believe he would recognize today’s GOP.

What I did not mention was that Dad also taught me to respect all people, and despite living in a highly racist county of Michigan — it was our two community green groceries that served black families. I still remember when he introduced me to the Tims, an older couple that lived next door to our store in Middleville. Mr. Tim came to the store one morning when I was “helping” Dad, and told Dad that Mrs. Tim had just made some cookies and they wondered if I would like some. I eagerly agreed, and Dad approved.

Minutes later I was seated with them at their small kitchen table with my plate of cookies and glass of milk, when a question came to my mind: “Mrs. Tim, were you and Mr. Tim burned when you were kids?” They looked at each other, and then at me. “Why would you ask such a thing?” she replied. “Cause you’re black.” They laughed.

Dad didn’t see color. He saw kindness, hard work, and good manners.

Dad’s GOP can be described by the first paragraph of the GOP platform of 1948:

“To establish and maintain peace, to build a country in which every citizen can earn a good living with the promise of real progress for himself and his family, and to uphold as a beacon light for mankind everywhere, the inspiring American tradition of liberty, opportunity and justice for all—that is the Republican platform.”

So, I decided this morning that the Republican Party has strayed from its original principles, the principles that Dad respected. I am going to do my part to get them back on track. I am turning my back on the Democrats and going Red — as in the good red: heart.

If I could wish one thing, I would wish that everyone in the country that was concerned about the downward spiral of the Republican Party would do the same. Join them, and use our inherent sense of stability, compassion, and community to turn them from the course they’ve taken. Whether yellow, black, brown, or white — if you have a heart that beats for the good in people I invite you to join me.

Let’s take back the GOP, and bring them back into the light of day.

It's All Political

Trump’s Orphans

Over 2,300 children were abducted by Trump’s administration, without care to an eventual return to their parents. Instead, they were flown, bussed, or in some other means carted off to undisclosed dark sites around the country.

In effect, Trump’s policy to enact this heinous behavior in the name of the American People has added these children to the DACA population here in the US. What’s more, there were no records kept with these children, so they can not be deported. The administration doesn’t know their origins to deport them to. So, it’s likely that these Trump-created orphans will be raised, cared for, and educated at the taxpayer’s expense to their adulthood. Since at least the younger of them won’t know where they came from, they will most probably live out their lives here. If they are not naturalized, they will remain permanently on the government’s care — since they won’t be able to obtain work without citizenship.

Bottom line: the President most hateful toward our world’s vulnerable has guaranteed at least these illegal aliens will achieve what their parents wanted for them: safety and means to American opportunities.

Aside from the pain and suffering for the parents’ and childrens’ loss — which no doubt will be compensated for by more tax dollars eventually, it’s possible that if he had left the policy in place he would’ve inadvertently invited many parents across the globe without means to bring their children to the borders just to give them such opportunities.

If this wasn’t such a tragedy for so many families now and the decades to come — because there will be terrible social consequences for inflicting such trauma on these youth — I would have to laugh out loud at Trump’s continued ineptitude.

As for the 40+% of his supporters, hang onto your hats because this is only the beginning of the consequences of your support. Pray that the Republicans lose every coming election, before your economy, your environment, and your freedom is completely destroyed.

It's All Political

What Can Be Said?

The continuation of this present low in our United States in the acts of kidnapping children from their vulnerable parents, and then whisking them across state lines to secret locations without a care to their well-being. That is now who we are as Americans.

How will these children will EVER be reunited with their families? Over 2,300 children are at this moment without means, at the hands of strangers, with no one to turn to.

We are ALL stained by this atrocity — just as all Germans were stained by Hitler’s actions in World War II.

Take a moment and really reflect on what we’ve done. Have we really grown so cold inside? What has happened to US that this is possible, and why can we not restore these children to their parents — NOW?

Are our politics worth our souls?